The REPIC Industry Insight Series

REPIC’s Industry Insights Series is designed to provide decision makers with information to help the development of WEEE extended producer responsibility (EPR) and the circular economy. In particular, the series aims to support the delivery of optimal recycling outcomes for the public, the environment and for industry.

The three-part series features comment from industry experts and provides original analysis on key topics including WEEE and EEE flows, waste crime and EPR.

REPIC is pleased to publish the first report in the series, Understanding WEEE and EEE flows to support implementation of policy objectives, with reports two and three to follow later this year.

Understanding WEEE and EEE flows to support implementation of policy objectives

1. Why do we need better data?

There are many factors affecting the amount of WEEE that is collected each year, and data for recent collection rates indicates that increases to PCS tonnage-based targets do not automatically drive an increase in the amount of WEEE collected.

Putting in place measures that deliver behavioural change requires significantly more data and analysis to better quantify the complex links between EEE purchased, EEE lifetime in use or multiple use, and storage and hoarding.

2. Where does the WEEE go?

In the journey from EEE to WEEE, there are many different disposal and recycling routes influencing what happens to EEE during its lifecycle. However, many of these flows are unreported and difficult to measure.

So where are the data gaps between EEE POM and WEEE generated? How can the industry fill them? And why is this knowledge essential in both target setting and developing EPR for WEEE?


3. What’s in the report?

Learn more about how EEE and WEEE flows impact on existing reported collections, and the potential WEEE available for reuse and recycling. This paper:

  • Highlights limitations in estimating WEEE availability
  • Illustrates how the industry can help to fill the data gap
  • Demonstrates how this information supports the UK Government’s objectives and societal aspirations for a circular economy


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REPIC is the largest WEEE producer compliance scheme in the UK.

REPIC is funded by major EEE producers to deliver WEEE, battery and packaging compliance solutions. REPIC prefers dealing directly with the collectors of end of life product to provide the comfort and security that it is properly handled and processed through short, clear, auditable routes.

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